How it works?


Something more than

just old computer buyback.

Do you trade computer equipment for new ones and don’t know what to do with the old devices? 
Are you in need of a comprehensive solution that includes equipment pickup, data wiping, valuation, and buying back old computers? Are you looking for a way to ensure that employees take better care of the equipment entrusted to them?

Give employees the opportunity

to buy back equipment from you

Sell your devices on favorable terms or hand over your old devices to us. You don’t have to worry about formalities! We’ll provide all the necessary arrangements and take care of legal solutions to accomplish the task, so you won’t have to waste time.

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How it works?

1. Pickup of equipment

The initial inventory of equipment takes place at the customer's premises. If the customer has specific requirements, data wiping can be conducted on-site at the customer's headquarters.

2. Equipment transport

The equipment is transported to our warehouse.

3. Data wiping

The customer selects the data wiping method.

4. Technical equipment audit

Generating a detailed list with equipment specifications and technical condition.

5. Valuation

According to the value that Netland is able to pay.

6. Sending the audit results to the client.

Based on the audit data, the client can send inquiries to other companies to gather offers. If another offer is more attractive than Netland's, the client then sends an order to prepare and pack the equipment on pallets. The goods are then prepared for pickup and transport by the company that won the inquiry within 3 business days.

7. Client's decision

If Netland offers the best price, the client issues an invoice.

8. Launching employee sales.

The sales are conducted through a dedicated online store. Every piece of equipment sold to the client's employees comes with a 12-month warranty.

9. Closing of employee sales.

The remaining equipment goes into general circulation.

Employee resale - guarantee of well-maintained equipment

The audit concluded with the exchange and resale of devices serves as additional motivation for employees. By being offered the opportunity to purchase equipment at a favorable price during the exchange of company resources, employees are more inclined to take better care of the equipment throughout its period of use. The better the technical and visual condition of the equipment, the greater its value and benefit for the company!

Netland Computers, we care for devices at every stage of their product lifecycle.

We offer both the latest equipment from trusted manufacturers and fully functional off-lease models. In addition to sales, we also provide comprehensive equipment exchange and rental services. Each of our services can be tailored to the guidelines of our clients, which often exceed the offerings of other suppliers.

Audit - Get to know the state of your IT infrastructure.

Conducting inventory is a key process during the replacement of old equipment with new. Check the condition of the devices and decide what to do with them - give computers a second life and organize employee resale or opt for safe disposal.

What equipment can be subjected to an audit?

Our company deals exclusively with equipment suitable for further use. As a result of our operations, the equipment is cleaned, audited, refurbished, and put back up for sale. We are not a recycling company that deals with the collection of unusable equipment or equipment processed into secondary raw materials..

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Equipment audit

As part of the audit, we examine the capabilities of the equipment (specifications), its technical condition (wear, damage), and its purpose (operations performed). Additionally, we verify the level of restrictions and the number of issues faced by end users, mainly at the software level.

Our audit includes

verification of device specifications

Automatic retrieval of the entire unit's specifications along with serial numbers of components. Ability to define any visual parameters and assign them to each unit.

Gathering data into a single file

We will collect individual unit data into a single Excel spreadsheet - this will include, for example, data from the entire delivery.

Software inventory

We will check all the software installed on each of your devices that has reached us.

Data wiping

We will remove confidential data from your devices using the method of your choice.

In the case of auditing equipment that is still in use by the client, we can also check whether what is currently in operation in their company can function better and what financial costs the change itself entails.


Expanding hardware capabilities

We will expand the RAM, replace the hard drive, and add accessories to improve efficiency.

Selling used equipment

We sell devices with Microsoft MAR Home or PRO licenses. We are one of the few MAR partners in Poland, meaning we are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. This allows us to offer original licenses and software from the manufacturer for used computers

Selling new equipment

We will offer you devices with customized capabilities, including the service of dismantling old equipment, transferring data, and assembling new workstations.

Periodic equipment rental

You will rent the appropriate amount of equipment from us for your needs, and additionally, we will provide you with technical support.

Secure data wiping

Entrusting the data wiping of hard drives to a professional company is incredibly important as it ensures comprehensive data protection. Our company possesses advanced technologies and trained personnel, ensuring effective and secure removal of information from hard drives. With our experience and rigorous procedures, our clients can rest assured that their sensitive data will be safe.

Data security - there's no room for compromises here!

Regardless of the method of data erasure, whether through physical destruction of the media or through software overwriting of data, it is necessary to adhere to strictly defined procedures to ensure the security of the entire process.

Blancco software

We use Blancco software for data erasure. It is an advanced tool that provides comprehensive and secure methods for removing information from various storage devices, including hard drives. It is one of the leading solutions on the market, known for its effectiveness and compliance with the highest security standards. With its advanced features, Blancco ensures irreversible removal of information, which is crucial in protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access.

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Why Blancco

Blancco was founded 25 years ago and since then has acquired over 35 patents. The company has evolved, becoming a leading provider of innovative solutions for data erasure and mobile device lifecycle management on the global market. Thanks to its continuous commitment to research and technological development, Blancco has become an undisputed leader, offering comprehensive data protection tools for enterprises and ITAD service providers.

Key benefits

☑️  View and manage all product-related activity in one secure place and report precisely on results

☑️  Receive a unified customer experience across all Blancco products

☑️  Enjoy quick, simple access to product licenses and interfaces to increase efficiency

☑️  Use a knowledge base with a collection of FAQs, articles, videos, diagrams, how-to guides, and more

☑️  Use Blancco Management Portal with automatic software updates, high scalability and low latency

☑️  Make use of fast and flexible deployment options

☑️  Work out future emissions savings with our ESG calculator, with data on CO2 emissions reduced by Blancco products

Other methods of data erasure



  • An inexpensive method ensuring high effectiveness


  • Lack of process repeatability, low efficiency,
  • generation of e-waste, risk during the execution of the process



  • Fast and irreversible process
  • High effectiveness and safety


  • The destruction process generates hazardous waste requiring segregation
  • Inability to reuse the media
  • Not all devices effectively destroy solid-state drives
  • High power demand during the process

data wiping


  • An inexpensive method providing high effectiveness in most casesć


  • The erased media is no longer usable – it becomes waste
  • It cannot be used for solid-state drives
  • Lower effectiveness with 4+ platter disks

data erasure


  • Ubiquitous availability of software
  • It can be used without technical implementation
  • Usually sufficient effectiveness


  • Lack of confirmation of process completion
  • Uncertainty about the method and its effectiveness in a given case
  • The data from reserved and remapped areas are not erased
  • Lengthy procedure, increased energy consumption associated with hours-long process

data erasure


  • The media can be reused
  • Certainty of conducted processes and their effectiveness confirmed by certificates
  • There are various algorithms available depending on the required level of security
  • The data is also erased from reserved and remapped areas
  • Functional test of the disk determining its future use/utilization


  • Long duration of the procedure, dependent on the required level of security
  • Erasing each disk incurs costs
  • The method can only be used for technically operational disks
  • Higher energy consumption associated with the multi-hour duration of the process

Safe disposal of hard drives from corporate computers is essential to prevent leaks of sensitive data and protect the company from potential legal and financial consequences. Proper data removal from hard drives also ensures maintaining the trust of customers and business partners by safeguarding the privacy of their information.

Hard drive disposal

We provide comprehensive data erasure services with no possibility of recovery. This ensures that no unauthorized person will access your company’s data stored on replaced or decommissioned devices. We use BLANCCO software, which guarantees complete data erasure security. After the erasure process, you will receive confirmation of the successful service completion.

We protect your personal and confidential data!

A step towards ecology

Device replacement, liquidation, or equipment leasing are processes we have successfully gone through many times with our clients. By entrusting us with your equipment, you give devices a second life and contribute to the protection of our planet.

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Interested in buying used equipment?

Considering purchasing used equipment? Our range of off-lease computers, laptops, and monitors are thoroughly checked and come with a quality guarantee, ensuring they can serve for many more years. By opting for such devices, you contribute to reducing the amount of equipment in circulation, resulting in fewer potential electronic waste and a smaller carbon footprint.

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